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TLM Live Trainings & Personal Develpment Seminars

The Liberator Method Live Seminars, Retreats and Mastery Trainings:
A Course in Conscious Evolution and Self Actualization

TLM Level One Seminar:  Awakening Your Subconscious Self

PLEASE NOTE:  Course One is a foundational prerequisite for all other live trainings and is open to the public.  Numerical courses build upon one another and must be completed in order.

Awakening Your Subconscious Self (TLM.1):

Who are you, and how do you operate?  What determines your behavior?  Why do you experience yourself engage in frustrating behavioral cycles that are limiting your freedoms and sabotaging your success?  Why do you seem to be hitting a 'glass ceiling' in your personal or professional life?

The answers will simply amaze and inspire you.

The Liberator Method Level One Seminar will demonstrate that every 'issue' has a distinct psyche-logical* structure (the founder of TLM calls this the 'Anatomy of an Issue').  After seeing the predictable anatomy that is common to every issue, this seminar will assist you to 'dissect your issue' so you may see the subconscious suggestions that are 'literally at cause.'

Through this seminar, you will see for your Self that the subconscious suggestions you inadvertently and innocently accepted are literally logically responsible for the issue that resulted.  At essence, these subconscious suggestions will be lies---false conceptions of reality you will have naively accepted as True during crucial periods of time in your developmental stages.

Once the link between the now-conscious suggestion (the lie) and the literal outcome is revealed to you, you will recognize and gain profound respect for the determining power of your words.  Through the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak, you are constantly proposing suggestions to your powerful creative subconscious mind.  Like your own personal Genie-in-a-bottle, ever your devoted and faithful servant, your subconscious mind simply hears, and then obeys, your command!

Seeing this for yourself will OPEN YOUR MIND to the reality of your CREATIVE AUTHORITY...


When you see the literal link between the subconscious suggestion and the end-result you inadvertently participated in creating by accepting the suggestion, you will SEE your creative capacity--and you will begin to more accurately perceive who you really are.

You will witness your GENIUS, free of its bottle...

...and the revelation is positively life changing!

As you witness the INTELLIGENT, PURE POTENTIAL OF YOUR MAGNANIMOUS SELF, your entire perspective of 'who you are and how you operate' will shift.  Experiencing this paradigm shift for yourself is foundational for moving forward effectively through The Liberator Method.  Once you have awakened to who you are and how you operate, your eyes will be wide open, and you will begin to perceive a whole new world of real possibilities---creative rights now available for you to claim in determining your future.

The powerful foundation we are offering in this TLM Level One Seminar:  Awakening Your Authentic Self, is absolutely necessary for you to move to the next stage of The Liberator Method.  Your new ability to recognize, understand and 're-decide your issues' will empower you to progressively reprogram past problematic behaviors and prepare you to...

...accelerate your Self Actualization...


*Psyche:  the animating principle, or actuating cause, of an individual life/the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism.

*Logic:  the science of pure reasoning/the way facts or events follow or related to each other.

TLM Level Two Seminar:  Growing your Subconscious Self Up!

Growing Your Subconscious Self Up (TLM.2):


Just like your physical body, a developing plant must to be provided with a sufficient supply of necessary conditions in order to thrive (air, water, nutrients).  These necessary conditions represent the plant's ACTUAL PHYSICAL NEEDS.  The Liberator Method proposes that your Subconscious Authentic Self is no different.  If your inner psyche-logical environment is lacking any of the required essential conditions, your Subconscious Authentic Self will stop growing up.  Unlike a plant, it will not wilt or die.  The subconscious aspect of your Authentic Self that is not getting its needs met will simply refuse to progress---patiently suspended, sleeping in a timeless space, like a seed in perfect form with real potential.  Your challenge is to regain its Trust by discovering and attending to its needs.  

Until you do so, you will experience yourself as frustrated and needy---essentially 'failing to thrive' in some way, shape or form.  

This may show up in your personal relationships, your professional life, or simply in your inner sense of well-being. 

Once you've Awakened Your Subconscious Authentic Self (through TLM's Level One Seminar) you will fully comprehend the powerful influence that your limiting subconscious programs have on the internal environmental conditions your Authentic Self requires in order to be willing to emerge.  

When your Subconscious Authentic Self emerges---YOU THRIVE!   

The Liberator Method Level Two seminar will teach you the life enhancing set of Principles that are the necessary conditions of your Subconscious Authentic Self.  These Principles will empower you to consciously give your Subconscious Authentic Self the environmental support it truly needs to vigorously emerge and dynamically* Grow its Magnanimous Self Up!  This extraordinary process is accompanied by a growing sense of Restored Self Trust that affects all that you say and do.

Growing up includes an increase of responsibility.  For example, a lot of 'growing up' occurs between the expressions "It fell!" and "I dropped it."  The latter is an example of the Confident and Proactive Creative Response-Ability that the Liberator Method Level Two Seminar facilitates.  In the areas you have subconsciously not-yet-developed this type of proactive responsibility (which will become evident in the seminar by attention to your subconscious cues), you will experience yourself as a passive participant in your life.  You may experience yourself reacting to 'things that happen to you' rather than seeing your Self as a creative participant in 'All That Is.'

Perhaps you've heard the popular phrase "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional"?  Such is the case with The Liberator Method Level Two seminar.  Subconsciously you may be afraid to truly grow up:  Still reeling from the hurt you may have experienced in the times you were naively eager and innocently accepted more responsibility than you could handle, or perhaps not willing to risk others accusing you of something 'bad' being "Your Fault!"  The Liberator Method will show you how to meet the needs of the subconscious self---facilitating a reliably supportive safe space to confidently embrace the opportunity to grow up.  

Ultimately the choice is yours!

Hint:  There is a powerful payoff to embracing the choice to Grow Your Subconscious Self Up through this Liberator Method seminar.  Once you are reliably meeting your needs and have truly accepted your co-creative response-abilities, you will finally be able to hear the CLEAR answer to the purpose-filled question

"What do I** TRULY want to do with my life?"

(my relationship, my work, my professional life, etc.) 

...and for the first time, you will possess the Self Trust to actually Make It Happen and Reliably Sustain It!

*Dynamic:  marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change.

**The Real Authentic you, as opposed to the subconsciously compelled 'false you' that has been compulsively attempting to prove its original misperceptions.

TLM Level Three Seminar:  Conscious Self Actualization

Conscious Self Actualization (TLM.3):  Branching Your Authentic Self Out

In this advanced Level Three Seminar you will see for yourself how powerfully and effectively The Liberator Method Principles empower you to reliably manifest intentional outcomes in REALITY!  You will also see how easily these Universal Creative Principles may be applied to positively transform whatever 'branches' of your life you choose---your personal life, your professional life, your community, and even the world at large.

The applications are limitless.  

In our Level One Seminar, you will have experientially established the secure root system of knowing who you are and how you operate.  Next in our Level Two Seminar, you will have become aware of the Universal Creative Principles taught by TLM---these Universal Principles are an accurate representation of your True Nature and they reliably govern the process of physical manifestation.  These Principles are the necessary conditions you will have needed to become aware of and consciously apply in order to 'grow your subconscious ego-self up.'  By so doing, you will have effectively established a depth of character---a trustworthy tree trunk of Authentic Self reliance.  

Through these preparatory seminars, you will have been given the keys to discern, with absolute certainty, the voice of the ego from the voice of your Authentic Self.

With your secure root system and your steady trunk in place, you are now prepared to capably, reliably, and gracefully support the dynamic response-abilities that will be yours to bear as you purposefully and intentionally choose to branch your Authentic Self out.  

During this Level Three Seminar, aware and aligned with your True Nature and Universal Creative Principles, you get to practice and experiment with manifesting outcomes.  In other words,'s time to play in the field of your Pure Creative Authority!  

Yes, you heard me right.

The Conscious Creator in you gets to begin the process of intentional Creative Play---proactively experimenting with the theory of The Liberator Method in the physical world---taking intentional action steps in the direction of your desires with integrity in thought, word and deed---and then becoming joyfully surprised by...

...your emerging awareness of your uncanny* ability to attract the necessary resources 

and Make Your Core Desire Happen!

This Level Three Liberator Method Seminar is the only one of its kind in Personal and Professional Development and Leadership Training.  There is nothing else quite like it.  Successfully integration of The Liberator Method Perspective and Principles taught through the first two seminars is a mandatory prerequisite to successfully branch out at this level of co-creative responsibility.

The branching out process, at first, will feel burdensome and heavy---and will demand intense focus, self acceptance, and commitment to the Principles.  At the same time, enmeshed in the support and encouragement of other Emerging Conscious Co-Creators, you will quickly become familiar with the process and will see for yourself that it is Trustworthy.  As you do so, you will witness your capacity increase and your experience of your load will lighten.  You will even begin to experience the process as enlivening and invigorating.   

In addition to graduating from the first two Liberator Method Seminars, participants in the Level Three Seminar must be independently willing and committed to humbly and graciously course-correct themselves to re-align with the Perspective and Principles of The Liberator Method should they find themselves urged (by their subconscious ego) to divert from the goal.

As a matter of fact, as you work your process in Level Three, you will inevitably discover for yourself that...

...your Conscious Personal Mastery of the Principles is the necessary prerequisite determining your ultimate success in Manifesting Your Core Desire...

Actualizing the Fruits of your Labor in Reality!

*Uncanny:  seeming to have a supernatural character or origin.

TLM Conscious Life Mastery Series:  Levels 1, 2 and 3

PLEASE NOTE:  The Liberator Method Mastery Level Trainings are highly advanced trainings.  Participants must have successfully graduated from the three prerequisite TLM Seminars: 

  • Awakening Your Authentic Self
  • Growing Your Subconscious Self Up, and
  • Conscious Self Actualization

In addition to these seminars, all participants must have also 
successfully completed: 

  • The Liberator Method 10-Session Personal Counseling Program with a Certified Liberator Method Facilitator.

The Liberator Method 'Conscious Life Mastery' Series supports the transition (inherent in the Evolution of Consciousness) to what is often referred to as 'The Being State':

TLM Conscious Life Mastery Level One (CLM.1):  Conscious Emergence*

TLM Conscious Life Mastery Level Two (CLM.2):  Refining and Perfecting

TLM Life Mastery Level Three (CLM.3):  Abundant Yield**

*To come into being through evolution.

**To bring forth as a natural product especially as a result of conscious cultivation.

The Liberator Method Conscious Life Mastery Series is cultivating the emerging creative visions of those who are genuinely willing to accept personal response-ability and do their part in facilitating a Peaceful Evolution of Consciousness in service of the highest good of all humankind.  

Although we serve individuals who are already operating in highly influential roles---managers, CEOs, mentors, business owners, administrators, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, economists, dentists, etc---we wholeheartedly acknowledge that a person's Leadership Capacity is not necessarily evident in the role(s) in which they now serve (or have served).  Highly influential leaders often powerfully emerge after being willing (on some unconscious level) to evolve from the murky and undesirable 'soils' of experiential learning!  

Your capacity for influence---motivating your readiness to participate in this Life Mastery Training---will be made most evident by:

  • A genuine and powerfully-felt internal Core Desire to contribute your skills in a way that benefits yourself and others, and by
  • An eager willingness to follow through with whatever you may in service of that desire.

Your Genius Life Force---your extraordinary subconscious intelligence---is ever-patiently ready to reveal the CONSCIOUS EMERGENCE of your subconscious creative vision.  It is waiting only for your permission.  It receives this through your conscious declaration, and demonstration, of your personal willingness to response-ably cultivate your own potential.

No matter what 'path of evolution' you have subconsciously, or consciously, identified yourself with in the past (educational degrees, religious pursuits, criminal history, being the victim, business experience, etc), The Liberator Method Conscious Life Mastery Series will assist you to open your symbolic eyes and discover the inherent purpose and meaning that your path has been holding for your personally.

From this purposeful perspective, you will then go on to REFINE AND PERFECT your conceptualization of your emerging Core Desire (the one that has been operating in you all along).  By consciously translating the original symbolism of your emerging vision into word form while simultaneously nurturing yourself and taking necessary action steps, you cyclically bring back to yourself physical feedback---the physical data that is ultimately assisting you to perfect your awareness of how your Core Desire is willing to show up in the real world!

And finally, you will intuitively experience yourself prepared and willing to embrace production and ABUNDANT YIELD---in the specific area of focus you have chosen to make your Core Desire manifest.

In summary, this series of TLM Conscious Life Mastery Trainings:

  • Reveals powerful insights that have been operating all-along, 

  • Facilitates practical understanding of those insights, and

  • Grounds your expectations in a way that is supported in the real-world.

Finally opening your mind to the reality that you have been doing the prerequisite work of 'fulfilling your dreams' all along... a much more expansive way than you were previously able to give yourself credit! 


TLM Retreats: Couples on Conscious Purpose, Levels 1, 2 & 3

 Heal old hurts, and Create a New Beginning.

• Consciously unite in doing the work of SELF ACTUALIZATION IN PARTNERSHIP.



TLM Mastery Training for Coaches & Therapists

  • TLM’s principal course for guiding professionals who intend to work with TLM clients, methodology, and materials.
  • The first step in joining TLM’s International Coaching Team.
  • Open to Life Coaches, Counselors, Psychotherapists, and other therapy and service-oriented professionals.



  • Onsite Professional & Leadership Development Training

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