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Human beings have real potential for profound personal change.  Neuroscientists have acknowledged that we do have the ability to change long established behavioral patterns--including the misperceptions of reality and dysfunctional thinking patterns that cause our less desirable emotional predispositions... 


YOU possess the personal power to take control of these 'MENTAL STATES' and greatly improve your emotional and physical well-being.

YOU possess the Response-Ability to change your experience.

What is The Liberator Method of PSYCHOTHERAPY?


The Liberator Method is a method of psychotherapy that empowers people to transcend their experiences of unnecessary suffering and/or disability by taking personal responsibility for their ongoing subconscious...

Personal Evolution of Consciousness.

 In order to begin to understand the influence of this powerful subconscious motivation, we must define what it means to 'Evolve in Consciousness.'


In short, the Evolution of Conscious is the process of becoming increasingly Self Aware... 

Knowing Who You Are and How You Operate!

Perhaps you are familiar with the wise suggestion:  "KNOW THYSELF."

Well...  Knowing and not doing is NOT knowing! -anon.

When you truly KNOW YOUR SELF, you reclaim the personal right and freedom to INTENTIONALLY LET GO of anything you have subconsciously surrendered your personal power to--thereby inadvertently giving 'it' the power to disturb your inner peace.


Bringing to your conscious awareness what needs to be let go, and summoning the willingness to let 'it' go is the essential work of The Liberator Method.  The work will reveal to you, in progressively forward moving evolutionary cycles, the personal KNOWLEDGE of your True Nature!  Psychologist have referred to this as the Actualized Self.  Many spiritual traditions refer to this as the Authentic Self.  The 'work' of The Liberator Method powerfully penetrates your emotional, mental and physical states of being and frees you to increasingly Be Who You Already Are...

Pure Genius and Unconditional Love.


The study and practice of The Liberator Method inspires and motivates the accelerated Evolution and Physical Actualization of this Self Awareness in human beings.


We have all experienced 'being hurt' in our early childhood developmental stages.  These hurts may have been severe and traumatizing, or they may have been as simple as a minor unresolved crisis in which we (as a child) experienced ourselves not being adequately supported.  The common thread is experiencing ourselves being related to with something less than unconditional love.

If you, as a child, did not yet have the ability to process the crisis to satisfactory resolution, then as an adult (under reactive pressure) you will spontaneously subconsciously revert to the same child-like thought patterns and inadequate solutions that you used as a child in a similar crisis.  The new situation will 'trigger' the childish response.

Often the adult self is consciously aware that the old compulsive solution is reactive, immature, and even illogical.  The adult self often uses this 'reasoning' to induce more trauma upon itself with a form of self-abuse such as shaming and humiliation.  The adult simply can't understand why it continues to operate the behavior, especially when he or she no longer wants to think and behave in this unproductive and reactive way. The reactive behaviors 'occur' because, in the moment of being triggered, the adult has unconsciously reverted back to the still-unresolved psychological trauma:  The 'state of being the frightened, trapped or angry child' again.  In that moment, the adult momentarily loses touch with its mature adult self.  The 'immature state of being' is simply seeking resolution--the unconditional love it was unjustly denied in the originating trauma.

Note:  Four of the MOST COMMON distressing unconscious beliefs are the following:

1.  I’m basically a bad, unworthy person.

2.  I'm not loveable.  No one will love me as I am. 

3.  My needs are never going to be met if I allow myself to rely on others. 

The TLM Solution:

Rather than delving into the past, TLM psychotherapy focuses on the immediate present.  TLM Facilitators observe and inquire about patterns of behavior that the client perceives are reactive and then watches for, and reflects back to the client, their subconscious cues.  Subconscious cues are the words 'chosen' by the Authentic Self--the unconscious Unconditional Love and Genius that is revealing itself to the client through their words!  The emphasis is on the authentic expression of present sensations, rather than a cognitive investigation around the historical origins of childhood traumas. 

TLM will reveal your Unconditionally Loving Nature to yourself, and will guide the less mature inner child to ‘resolve’ the crisis on its own terms--the terms the child is revealing it truly needs through the GENIUS expressed through the subconscious cues. 

The Liberator Method is Absolutely Awe Inspiring!

Symptoms are like the original child who needed, but was denied, compassionate unconditional love and attention. If you try to silence them without addressing their needs, they will likely grow 'louder' and more ill-tempered. When you unconditionally love them and act in ways to help them get their needs met they become responsive, joyous and resolved. HINT: Their true needs are not necessarily what they think they want!

The Liberator Method relates to the client's most distressing symptoms as the precious child that the symptom represents--with unconditional love and attention.  TLM truly honors the wisdom of the symptom as the literal reflection of the inner Genius becoming aware of its nature, and its needs, through the process.

Encouraged by this new Self Awareness, the client becomes empowered to begin proactively fulfilling their own needs.  At the same time, The Liberator Method  guides them through the process of reprogramming their former 'knee-jerk' reactions--their previously programmed attempts to manage fears, addictive urges or compulsive drives (experiences that were powerfully motivated by the previously unmet needs within the subconscious mind).

              How does The Liberator Method differ from Self Help courses? 

The Liberator Method fundamentally shows you a 'Whole New Perspective' that shifts your perception of you are and how you operate.  Once you see your Authentic Self---through the eyes of your small unaware self---you simply cannot revert to your old 'Way of Being'!

The Liberator Method then teaches you how to apply TLM's Principles and techniques to reprogram your old, limiting subconscious programming with new programming---programming that supports you to free yourself from unhealthy habits and replace them with high-quality functional ones—without the frustrating experience of relapses and battles of willpower. It's a process that is proving itself to be far more powerful than behavioral modification, simple hypnosis, affirmations, and/or visualization.

The Liberator Method is much, much more than a motivational self-help course.  TLM is a profoundly effective method of healing that Facilitates and Accelerates Personal Evolutions of Consciousness.  Motivational self-help courses leave you on a high for a few days but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks.  This is not the case with TLM.

In addition to becoming more self-assured and positive in a lasting manner, TLM's perspective demonstrates a level of awareness that will inspire you to think bigger, set higher goals for yourself, and even seek to focus your work in a manner that contributes to the highest good of all humanity.

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